Vivori Review: Revolutionizing, Or Just Clever Marketing?


The Vivori Story: Empowering or Eye-Roll Inducing?

Enter Vivori, a brand that's been making waves with its promise of gorgeous, high-quality jewelry at budget-friendly prices. 

Founded by three women determined to smash the "jewelry has to be expensive" myth, Vivori has a compelling backstory. They talk about ethical materials, modern designs, and making luxury accessible. It's the kind of narrative that resonates, especially with younger shoppers who tend to be more socially conscious. But as a seasoned bargain hunter (and chronic skeptic), I've learned to look beyond feel-good marketing.

The jewelry world can be a minefield. Buzzwords like "ethically-sourced" and "timeless elegance" get thrown around, while prices still make your eyes water.

But is it all too good to be true? It's time for a deep dive. As a long-time lover of accessorizing on a budget, I was intrigued, but also deeply suspicious. So, I took the plunge, and this is how it went.

The Experiment

I ordered the 4 Piece Deja Bracelet Set, the Aurelia Hoop Hug Gold Earrings, and the oh-so-trendy Stella Herringbone Chain Necklace – all of which are 18k gold. I mean, if we are testing quality, the best course of action is for us to actually go all in!

I figured if they didn't fall apart after a week of workouts, chores, and my "oops, I fell asleep in my jewelry again" habit, that would be pretty impressive.


4 Piece Deja Bracelet Set: Bracelet Bundle Bonanza

The Deja Bracelet Set surprised me the most. Individually, these bracelets are simple but chic. Layered together? Total eye candy. The quality feels better than what I'm used to at this price point – no flimsy chains or clasps that threaten to break the first time you snag them. The best part? Well, you get 4 decent quality bracelets for the price of one.

Aurelia Hoop Hug Gold Earrings: Modern And Hyper Minimalist. 

I'm a sucker for hoops, and the Aurelia pair didn't disappoint. The huggie style gives those classic vibes, but they're substantial enough to feel fresh. The gold has a nice warm tone, and they've become daily wear for me – the perfect mix of understated yet stylish.

Herringbone Hype: Real Deal or Overrated?

The Stella necklace was my "test the trends" pick. Herringbone is everywhere, but I wasn't sold on whether I'd actually like it. Turns out, I do. This necklace shimmers like crazy and instantly dresses up even the most basic outfit. Durability-wise, it seems solid, but I do worry that the delicate links might get bent with rough wear.

More Than Meets the Eye

While those were my initial picks, I've since fallen prey to a few other Vivori temptations. Their layering necklaces are fantastic, and their rings, while simple, are great for stacking. Plus, the packaging is surprisingly chic, making things feel more luxurious.

The Verdict: Worth it, With Caveats

Vivori's pieces are undeniably stylish. They nail those minimalist, wear-with-everything vibes that are so popular right now. 

Vivori isn't re-inventing the jewelry wheel, but they're doing something right. The designs are on-trend without feeling overly 'teenagery', and the quality has exceeded my expectations for the price. It's NOT heirloom-grade, but it's also NOT costume jewelry that'll turn your skin green. They won't replace your heirloom diamonds, and their marketing can be a bit extra. But, if you're looking for on-trend, well-made jewelry at decent prices, they're surprisingly solid. 

If you love accessorizing, want modern pieces without the designer markup, and aren't expecting miracles in terms of durability, Vivori is absolutely worth a look.