Vivori Jewelry Review: Worth the Hype?

Just a quick important note:

This isn't a sponsored love fest, just a girl sharing her genuine experience with a brand she finds intriguing. So heads up. With that cleared up, let's get into the good stuff!

About Vivori

In their own words, here's Vivori's philosophy:

"Vivori was founded by a small team of 3 women who want to make a positive change in the way we see jewelry. Since childhood, society has been subtly programming us all to think that we have to spend a fortune to get nice jewelry. More specifically, it’s been conditioning us to think we can only get a nice ring if we spend thousands of dollars. That conditioning is so far from the truth that we found a passion in creating this brand and products to show the world that you don’t have to spend your life savings to get a gorgeous ring."

My Current Selection Of Vivori Pieces

  • Cia Sterling Clavicle Necklace ($13.99): I’ve been wearing the Cia Sterling Clavicle Necklace for months now, and it’s become a cherished part of my daily wardrobe. The sterling silver has a substantial feel without being too heavy, and the diamond simulants have just the right amount of sparkle to garner compliments at work and nights out. It pairs beautifully with both my business casual blouses and little black dresses, proving its versatility.

  • Maui Freshwater Pearl Ring ($21.99): The Maui Freshwater Pearl Ring has been on my finger since the day I got it, and I can’t count the number of times people have admired it. The pearls have a lovely luster, and the 18k gold centerpiece catches the eye without being ostentatious. The adjustable band is a godsend for those humid days when my fingers swell, ensuring a comfortable fit every time. It’s been a sophisticated addition to my cocktail attire and even adds a touch of class to my weekend wear.

  • Iris Golden Bangle ($23.99): As for the Iris Golden Bangle, it’s the piece that I never knew I needed. The 18k gold has a warm glow, and the irregular shape is a conversation starter. It’s hefty enough to feel luxurious but designed for comfort. I’ve worn it to art galleries, brunches, and board meetings—it’s that adaptable. It’s a bangle that doesn’t just complement an outfit; it completes it.


The presentation side is top-notch. Their minimalist aesthetic with thoughtful touches feels luxurious and aligns perfectly with my style. The boxes are so lovely, you'll actually want to keep them.


While Vivori doesn't do half sizes in most of their pieces as of writing, do do cover a wide variety of sizing options for sure! Keep that in mind when selecting pieces, and consider getting measured by a jeweler if you're unsure of your size.


So let's start this review with how these pieces fares in terms of quality. Honestly, Vivori's quality surprised me in the best way. As someone who avidly invests in jewelry, I was already sure as to what to expect given the price range their pieces are currently in. But when I unboxed my pieces, I could tell these weren't some flimsy, trendy things. They have a satisfying weight to them, without feeling too heavy, and the details are so beautiful. It feels like wearing something that costs probably around 4-5x as much.

The true test for me is however, is how the jewelry holds up, and months later...

And I'm so happy to report they still look brand new. No fading, no weird discoloration... I wear these pieces a lot, and they haven't lost any of their shine. I feel good about putting my money into something that isn't just beautiful, but actually well made. It's made me a Vivori believer for sure, and trust me, I'm already trying to decide what I want to add to my collection next!


The Verdict

I wholeheartedly recommend Vivori! Their quality and design are impressive for the price point. If you're looking to elevate your jewelry game without sacrificing your savings, Vivori is definitely worth exploring.